My research interests focus on the areas of: Organisational Behaviour and HRM. The methodological approaches that interest me are:Qualitative/interpretative approaches; Post-Structuralism; Soft systems approaches. I am an expert in Poststructuralism (Foucauldian Studies) with a PhD in Business, who is also interested in studies, research and work relating to power, knowledge and Organisational Behaviour. Further to my use and study of Foucault’s approaches, I have also explored and successfully investigated the effectiveness of the use of certain stages of Peter Checkland’s Soft Systems Methodology in aiding with the use of Foucault’s Poststructuralist approach to address certain problematic situations in the Western culture. I have employed this systemic (holistic) methodology to aid in the identification, classification and contrasting of different discourses, practices, and organisational actors while I was conducting my doctoral research.